Don’t take my kindness for weakness. You’re pretty much dead to me if you take advantage of me or my feelings.

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girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle

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one thing i hate is when parents refuse to let their kid(s) dye their hair


who’s fucking hair is it??????? is iT THE FAMILY HAIR?????????

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contrary to popular belief, vincent van gogh actually cut his ear off so he could not hear the haters

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call me super glue cause holy shit do i get attached

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whenever you see a beautiful woman


do not compare yourself to her

she is beautiful

you are beautiful 

you both are two different kinds of beautiful

you can’t compare the sun to the moon

and you shouldn’t

so when you see that woman

you say “god bless her” and “god bless me”

and keep it moving, love.

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who decided that you need some deep back story in order to justify your tattoo
if you think a deer is gonna look cool as hell on your arm then go ahead and get it tattooed

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